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2.2. Scanned Images

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Image No. cn00153

Chinesische Gerichtsverhandlung.  [Chinese judgment]

Chinesische Gerichtsverhandlung.  [Chinese judgment]

Postcard Data

Size: 141x93mm
Caption: Chinesische Gerichtsverhandlung. [Chinese judgment]

Publisher's Reference: Bilder aus China

Stamp: British
Postmark Other: France

Printing Technique: Photogravure
Color Nature: Chromo
Postcard Particulars: Both scenes use heavily touched photographs, somewhat distorting the originals.


Image Data

Image Nature: Photograph
Creation: -1903 (Certain)

Topic: Court of Justice / Cangue

Action: (1) Two men kneel in front of a sitting judge and standing Court staff. The stand between them reads “tin shen” [court of session] (2) A man wearing a the cangue. The [illegible] lables on the wood spell his crime and punishment. He is bound with a rope reaching to a sword on the ground.

Image Particulars: When questioned by the judge during a court session, accused, plaintiffs and witnesses were all required to kneel in front of the bench. Both scenes are problematic, however, and seem to have been created for the camera. They were further enhanced with color and accessories (for example, for the cangue scene, with both rope and sword (the latter not the model used by executioners), or the mustache, very un-Chinese). The inscription-bearing stand is also unusual.

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