Historical Chinese Postcard Project: 1896 - 1920


2.2. Scanned Images

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Image No. cn00134

Peking.  typical cart

Peking.  typical cart

Postcard Data

Size: 138x89mm
Caption: Peking. typical cart


Printing Technique: Phototype
Color Nature: Mechanical Color
Postcard Particulars: The oval coloring in the back comes from the album in which the postcard had been inserted


Image Data

Image Nature: Photograph
Image Author: S. Yamamoto (Probable)
Creation Place: (Assumed)

Topic: Bejing cart with passengers and driver

Action: A typical Beijing mule cart in a courtyard with two female passengers. The front one is stitting cross-legged on a cushion. The driver stands holding the reins towards the rear of the mule.

Image Particulars: The “Beijing cart” was a standard mode of transportation in Bejing and north China cities in general before rickshaw times (about 1895 for Beijing). In the country, it lasted well into the 20th century.

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