Historical Chinese Postcard Project: 1896 - 1920


2.2. Scanned Images

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Image No. cn00133

Peking.  Street Scene

Peking.  Street Scene

Postcard Data

Size: 140x90mm
Caption: Peking. Street Scene

Publisher's Reference: Nr 337

Printing Technique: Heliotype
Color Nature: B&W


Image Data

Image Nature: Photograph
Creation Place: (Assumed)

Topic: Passenger cart and trough in Beijing street

Action: A Peking cart with muddy wheels watering in a north China street. The mule is drinking from a wooden trough while its driver stand by it. In the back near a house, a man pours water into another container, using a contraption with pulleys. A third man sits watching, and another cart is behind the mule. Details include Electric poles and lines and Western-style street lighting., as well as scaffolding for awnings and doors from a shop, possibly an open-air restaurant.

Image Particulars: Typical Beijing life image, rich in details which can be confusing.

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