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2.2. Scanned Images

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Image No. cn00083

Ein chinesisches Brautpaar.  [Chinese newlywed]

Ein chinesisches Brautpaar.  [Chinese newlywed]

Postcard Data

Size: 142x92mm
Caption: Ein chinesisches Brautpaar. [Chinese newlywed]

Publisher's Reference: 53d

Printing Technique: Photogravure
Color Nature: B&W
Postcard Particulars: Publisher’s early production, c. 1899-1902


Image Data

Image Nature: Photograph
Image Author: Thomas Child (Certain)
Creation: 1870-1889 (Certain)
Creation Place: (Assumed)

Topic: Bridal couple

Action: The bridal couple poses for a formal portrait, a very unusual topic even for situations re-created in the studio. This one is probably authentic, which means the man had to be closely connected with the photographer.

Image Particulars: The image is from about 1880. The stains on the bridegoom’s face are a printing accident. The backdrop text reads “double happiness.” The ornate frame around the image shows pseudo-Chinese motifs.

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