Historical Chinese Postcard Project: 1896 - 1920


2.2. Scanned Images

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Image No. cn00003



Postcard Data

Size: 91x140mm
Caption: [None]


Stamp: (Removed)
Postmark Other: Albi [France)

Printing Technique: Phototype
Color Nature: Hand-colored
Postcard Particulars: Part of unnumbered series on Shanghai beauties


Image Data

Image Nature: Photograph
Image Author: Sze Yuen Ming (Yao Hua), Shanghai (Certain)
Creation: 1895-1902 (Assumed)
Creation Place: (Certain)

Topic: Portrait of beauty in a mirror

Action: Studio portrait of a woman in Shanghai dress looking into a mirror, in front of a painted backdrop.

Image Particulars: This is almost certainly a high-ranking courtesan. She posed for several photographs and the studio/publisher specialized in courtesan portraits. Similar portraits by the same studio were sold as photographic cards wearing the same colors.

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