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2.2. Scanned Images

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Image No. cn00412

The Bund, Kiukiang.

The Bund, Kiukiang.

Postcard Data

Size: 140x90mm
Caption: The Bund, Kiukiang.


Stamp: (removed)
Postmark Other: Shanghai

Printing Technique: Phototype
Color Nature: B&W

Message: To a fellow postcard collector met through a collector’s club: “I am willing to exchange cards with you not exceeding more than one at a time. Would you care to exchange coins with me?”

Image Data

Image Nature: Photograph
Creation: -1921 (Certain)
Creation Place: (Certain)

Topic: The Bund in Jiujiang (Kiukiang in Guangxi)

Action: View along the river embankment. Western houses with iron railings, street lamps and bench, with landing place on the right and a few coolies with heavy loads.

Image Particulars: Jiujiang on the Yangzi River was a Treaty Port

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